Prof. Dr. Janina Sundermeier

It is not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen ” (Scott Belsky).

I am passionate about supporting university students from all disciplines to make their own ideas happen. For this purpose, I train their entrepreneurial mindset and support them with useful tools during the ideation and venture creation stage. All my classes, workshops and seminars benefit from my research foci on entrepreneurial cognition, as well as female and social entrepreneurship.

Janina has been our coach from the get-go and throughout the whole development process. She provided us with helpful business tools and supported us in improving our entrepreneurial skills. We could always consult her to find a solution for upcoming problems. Generally speaking, Janina is an enthusiastic lecturer who enjoys sharing her knowledge with students.

Alexa, Fabian, Sebastian, Stefan
(Founders of re.adjustme)

Attending Janina’s course has been a great experience. Not only is she an engaged lecturer, who challenges traditional assumptions for the sake of innovative solutions in vivid and fruitful discussions. But also did she provide us with great tools to develop our business model.

Amelie, Daniel, Henning
(Founders of

The lectures given by Janina were always held with great enthusiasm. Her teaching constantly showed practical relevance and has fundamentally improved my skill set in the entrepreneurial field. She always maintained a supportive relationship with her students.

Marie-Charlotte Matthes
(Master Student in Business Information Systems)

Janina is truly passionate, competent and eager for her students to develop their skills and make their ideas happen. Her seminars, I participated in, were really hands-on and thought-provoking that left me inspired. Thank you very much for the great learning experience.

Solveig Bier
(M.Sc. in Business Information Systems)


Assistant Professor for Digital Entrepreneurship & Diversity

Assistant Professor for Digital Entrepreneurship and Diversity

Since September 2019, I am an Assistant Professor for Digital Entrepreneurship and Diversity at the Department of Information Systems of the Freie Universität Berlin.

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Research Associate at Freie Universität Berlin

From 2013 – August 2019, I was involved into the project “Entrepreneurial Network University” (EXIST IV) in which I am responsible to develop new course formats and teaching materials that support the establishment and forstering of the “Entrepreneurship Education” at the Freie Universität and Charité


Fellow of the German Stifterverband

My draft of a new teaching format that empowers female students and scientists in technology- and knowledge intensive industries to launch their own ventures was awarded with a fellowship


Founder of Digital Entrepreneurship Hub

In June 2018, I officially launched the Digital Entrepreneurship Hub together with my colleagues Hannes Rothe and Martin Gersch.

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Completion of Doctoral Thesis

Start-Up(s) with Hubris – The Effects of Hubris on the Performance of Core Entrepreneurial Functions

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Visiting Researcher at Queensland University of Technology

From Sep 2015 – Jan 2016, I was invited by Prof. Rosemann and Prof. Davidson as a visiting researcher to the IS School and Australian Center for Entrepreneurship Research



Fellow of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
M.Sc. in Management of Innovation and Business Development at Halmstad University

From Aug 2011 – Jun 2013, I took an equally practical and research-oriented Master program. Joint projects on overcoming innovation and internationalization barriers were conducted in collaboration with Swedish cooperates, such as Tylö AB and Geting AB

Halmstad University

Master Thesis in Cooperation with Getinge AB

Russia, a fast-changing market – An approach to meet recent and upcoming business-impacting changes properly, exemplified by the medical technical sector

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Exchange Student At Shanghai International Studies University

From Feb 2014 – Mar 2014, I participated in an exchange program with the SISU


Internships in (Social) Business Development and Online Marketing

During my studies, I have supported several startups, NGOs, NPOs, and SMEs to (re)develop their business models and online marketing campaigns

B.A. in International Business Studies at Universität Paderborn

From Oct 2008 – July 2011, I studied IBS as a Bachelor program that consists of 60% economic-related content and 40% business languages (English, Spanish)



Erasmus Fellow At Universidad des les Illes Balears

From Aug 2010 – Feb 2011, I took various classes in the areas of “Tourism Marketing”, “Gamification” and “Human Resources” at the UIB