Womenventures Berlin Meetup – Creating a new community!

First and foremost entrepreneurship is about supporting each other. Giving back and providing support is essential for the Berlin startup ecosystem to grow further. 

In order to bring in my share, I decided to found a Meetup that focuses on women entrepreneurship (calling the format Womenventures).

I aim to support (nascent) women entrepreneurs that are about to realize ambitious ventures. For this, I will host a series of workshops, talks, and networking events. The goal is to foster women entrepreneurship activities in the Berlin startup ecosystem, provide a set of insightful knowledge and tools, as well as to reduce barriers stoping you from getting started.

The meetup aims at all women entrepreneurs with or without a tech background and connects those with or without a business idea. So far, I organized two meetups and build up a small community of over 100 women entrepreneurs. Looking forward to seeing this community grow further. Check out one of our next events.